joi, 28 iulie 2011

Sneak peak :)

This week we were in different places, so we just wanted to share you a few pictures we took  this week. 
I (Saci) was playing around with my H&M scarf, sunnies and rings and Kinga cut her hair, so now I have longer hair than she has!!! The last picture was taken in our lovely city :) 

Hope you are having a great weekend!

luni, 25 iulie 2011

English Camp :)

 Sorry for not posting sooner ,but we were in an English Camp and we hadn't had time for it.
 It was an amazing week in which we got to know the English team ,who were very friendly, funny and caring . We also spoke about the wonders that God is able to make in our life's. We went swimming to Giuagiu we also had after lunch a handmade craft session. And in the evening we played games which were a lot of fun :)
 WE had an amazing time and hope we can go to the next one as well. Here are some pics :)

Have a great day!

joi, 14 iulie 2011

Hot summer day

The past couple of days we've been spending it in the country side, we have been enjoying the beautiful summer days. Hope you have a beautiful day!
Kinga : Shorts Orsay, Hat Meli Melo, Jewellery Accessorize, Shirt -
Saci: Shorts:Orsay; Top: bought it in Poland; Vest, Brooch, Necklace : Stradivarius; Bag and Bracelets: Meli Melo; Shoes: Piazza Italia; Earrings: from Poland :)


duminică, 10 iulie 2011


Top:Orsay; Skirt:Kenvelo; Bag:Mango; Shoes:Leonardo; 

Hope you have an amazing Sunday afternoon!

sâmbătă, 9 iulie 2011

One lovely blog award

So recently we got an award from Alexandria from 'A style of no style' ( Thank you very much for the award, we are sooo glad that you picked us out for this award.

The rules are:
-thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
-copy and paste the logo in your blog.
-share 7 things about yourself.
-nominate 15 other great bloggers.
-comment and let them know of the award.

So because we are sisters, we will write 7 things about us.

1.We have always loved posing in photographs!
2.We bought ourselves the same gift when we were in different countries!
3.We usually have different styles but sometimes we pick out the same clothes!
4.We share our bags, accessories  and sometimes our tops, sadly we can't share our shoes!
5.We both love H&M, Zara and Stradivarius!
6.We usually go together shopping.
7.We love travelling.

So the 15 blogs which we love and chose for this award are:

Hope you have a nice weekend! 

miercuri, 6 iulie 2011

Go green! :)

Pants,shirt:Bossini; Jacket:Orsay, Bag:from Switzerland; Ring:H&M; Shoes:Leonardo

Yesterday was a rainy day, so I put on something more casual and comfortable.The pants and the shirt are new, I just bought them in a really cute shop called Bossini. Hope you have a great day!

sâmbătă, 2 iulie 2011

Playground part 2 : )


Shoes Leonardo, Shirt Zara, Pants Sprider, Jacket TNT ,Bag OVS industry, Watch Miss Sixty, Ring Orsay, Braceletes   Kenvelo  .

It's another rainy day in my city :(. Hope you're having a pleasant weekend :) 
Have a nice day.