luni, 28 mai 2012

Shout it from the rooftop!

 Sorry for the lack of posts, but here in Romania it's raining non-stop, so we cannot take any pictures. We can barely pull off any nice outfits that can resist this tricky weather because it is pretty hot compared to the fact that it's raining all day long. Honestly, Kinga is having her exams this period so that is why she doesn't have the time for blogging, and me , well I cannot seem to find any outfit that can cope with this weather and that I would like to share with you.These days I am wearing a pair of jeans, a top, a raincoat/umbrella, and a pair of shoes that I am not afraid of ruining. But I promise, this week you will see amazing outfits, because I am finishing High-School so Prom day is coming! :)

Hope you are having a fashionable day!

joi, 24 mai 2012

Floral fantasy

I already showed you a month ago the Behind the scenes photos and honestly I totally forgot to post the actual pictures we took that day, because I have a lot of things to do as I am finishing High-School in one week! Be prepared for a lot of amazing outfits including my gorgeous prom dress!

{dress: Zara, blazer: Bershka}
Have a fashionable day! :)

luni, 21 mai 2012

Spring Ball - 4 years in a row

       Thursday I attended the Spring Ball which was the 4th time for me, and maybe my last, because it is attended mostly by our High-Schools students, and as you know, I am in my final year. During these 4 years I really tried to look my best, appropriate for a Ball, but this year I got tired, so I wore Kinga's dress, over accessorized, but I think it looked great! I decided to show you all of my outfits during the four year.
  My first year I was really excited because it was my first time, so I decided to stick to the given theme, wearing a long dress. I bought this dress long time ago, when I was overweight so for that occasion I had to work a bit on it.

    In 2010 I had no idea what to wear.Initially I wanted to rent a dress, but I didn't had the time to look around, so I bought a summery dress. When my ex-boyfriends mum saw it, she gave her black dress, because she didn't thought that the dress I bought fit the event. Looking back, she was right, and I looked awesome in her dress as well!

{I'm the one with the big hair - nice isn't it? }

    Last year I opted for a black long gown , and I know it was spring ball, but honestly here in Romania you cannot find amazing, affordable, colorful night gowns. The ones you can find here are awful, so better look fabulous in something black, right? This dress I bought because the following day I had to go to an important wedding, so it was a great idea to buy it!

{In 2010 and 2011 my hair was made by my hair stylist. She has an amazing style, and she always knows what me and my sister want for a specific event.You can find her here}

  And this year, I wore my sister's Rinascimento dress with my super cheap high heels, Zara headband and Accessorize bracelet. Here are more photos of Thursday's event: 

All in all, I enjoyed taking part in all of these events, they were unique experience where you could dress up a bit, because here, in Romania there are really few events you can attend dressed up like this.

Have you been to any Balls lately? Tell us more about your experiences, we are really interested!

vineri, 18 mai 2012

Lost romantic

Here are some other graduation pictures! I planned out this whole shooting months ago, and I have to say the pictures came out really well! I decided to wear a nude dress, just to emphasize the colors in the background, the flowers, the confetti and the colorful tree! :) Stay tuned for more!
Oh and Kinga is really busy with university that is why nowadays I post more photos, but we promise her next outfit post will be amazing! :)

                                                                 {dress: Bershka}

Have a nice day everyone,

duminică, 13 mai 2012

{ Dots }

These pictures were taken a few days ago on my way back to home from an exhausting one-day road trip :)
I was wearing Kinga's H&M top, with Orsay Jeans, Meli Melo necklace , Fossil watch and I had the Stradivarius blazer with me, but it was way to hot for it :) oh and the sunnies are from H&M, shoes Wagoneer and the bag from Meli Melo.

What were you up to this weekend? Next post will be awesome with more pictures from the rooftop, stay tuned :)
xoxo, Saci

vineri, 11 mai 2012


I had problems storing cabels, mobile chargers, they always tangeld, so when my sister showed this DIY on another blog I was determend to do it! 

This is what you'll be needing: a box(preferably a shoe box), glue, scissors, toilet paper roll and a cute wrappe paper.

You will masure the paper so that it will be enough to cover  the whole box.

After which you will glue the toilet paper rolles on two sides and stick them to the box. Before you sticke them put the rolls in the box and see who many you can fit in .
Be sure to put some presure on it , so that it will be more stable.

Voila! this is the end result!
Hope you have fun doing it!

duminică, 6 mai 2012

Bridesmaids for the first time :)


Hey everyone! We were so anxious to show you these outfits.The pictures were taken yesterday at the wedding where we were bridesmaids (for the first time).The dresses we wore are from New Look and to tell you the truth, we wanted to buy the Zara dress (this) but when we were in the shop, we didn't find one of the sizes and the zipper was really bad quality! So when we found these amazing dresses in New Look we were really happy because they were half the price, and the zipper was way better! We tried to style it differently because we have different styles, Kinga loves the more sophisticated looks whereas I love the really colorful, floral printed outfits.

Kinga: New Look dress , Aldo shoes, Accessorize clutch, Meli Melo necklace, semi-precious earrings and bracelet
Saci: New Look dressAldo shoes, H&M necklace and bag, Fossil watch

What were you up to this weekend?