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{Interview} Ashley : Southern (California) Belle

     Hi guys! If you've been following us for a while now, you might know that we recently started interviewing our favorite bloggers, and we think it's such a great idea to get to know them better. This month we decided to introduce you  Ashley, a beautiful mommy-to-be blogger, who never fails to disappoint us with her colorful yet very girly-girl style! Enjoy!

1.When did your interest in fashion begin and what made you want to start a style blog?

    "I think I've always had an interest in fashion.  When I was young my mother would try and pick out my outfits.  I've always had an idea about how I wanted to dress and I never let anyone get in the way of that (including mom!).  I started my style blog because I had seen so many others and thought I should take a chance at it as well.  I never realized how much you put into posting your personal style but I find it both fun and challenging."

2. Have you always had a spot in your heart for fashion? 

    "Yes!  As a young girl I always wore dresses.  I considered myself a bit of a tomboy, but I'd be playing with the boys in my dresses.  These days I've found  more of my femininity, but I've never stopped dressing up."

 3. Describe your style. Has it evolved since you began your blog? 

    "I consider my style girly yet practical.  I have an hourglass shape so I love to wear fit and flare dresses.  I try to buy pieces that I can dress both up and down and get multiple uses from.  I don't think my style has changed since starting my blog, but I think I get much more inspiration from other bloggers which definitely influences my style."

4.  What things or places inspire you?

    "Defintely other bloggers.  Before I was consumed by the style blogging world, magazines were great inspiration.  Unfortunatly, it was hard to recreate a style when you're being shown high fashion pieces.  I love going to a style blog, being taken away by their outfit, and finding exactly where they bought it (or linking to something similar).  I've found so many great pieces this way!"

5.  Do you have any style icons?

    "Of course!  I love Carey Mulligan's style.  She always looks flawless!  I also like Taylor Swift, Kiera Knightly, and Emma Stone."

6. What spring/summer pieces or trends are you most excited to wear?

    "I feel like I'm growing into maxi skirts and dresses this summer.  While it's not what I normally wear, I think they look so pretty and they're really easy to style.  I was really into crop tops last summer, but since I'm pregnant this year I won't be wearing any haha!"

7. Is there a store or designer that you feel best embodies your personal style? 

    "My favorite designer of all time is Luella Bartley.  Every piece she's ever designed should be in my closet!  I was really upset when she decided to retire, but I heard she's doing a line for Marc by Marc Jacobs that debuts next year :)"

8. What five essentials should every girl have in her wardrobe? 

"A fit and flair little black dress
A great pencil skirt
A comfortable pair of heels
A peacoat
A pair of black pants"

9. Do you have a signature scent or shade of lipstick? 
    "I love Bright Crystal by Versace.  I think it's a great summer scent!  As for lipstick, I always stick with a baby pink.  I feel like it goes with everything."

10. What websites and blogs do you read daily?
    "I try to read blogs everyday but sometimes it's a little challenging!  But I make sure to always keep up with Midwest Muse, Of Corgis and Cocktails, Smitten, and Shop and Twirl.  They're always fun reads!"

11. What are your favorite designers and where do you usually shop?

    "I mostly shop online.  My favorite stores are Modcloth, Ruche, and ASOS.  I really love Dahlia as well, their dresses are all swoonworthy!"

     Hope you enjoyed this interview! We have a question for all of you: do you really think Google Reader will shut down? There were multiply rumors like this, and it still works. We think it's just a way of making Bloglovin' more famous, you know like those stupid rumors about Morgan Freeman's and Akon's death. But still we want to be sure about it, because if it's true, than most of the blogs will shut down, or what?! Anyway, if you think it will shut down and still want to follow our blog, here is our Bloglovin' :

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

vineri, 28 iunie 2013

{ Ombre floral shirt }

     It's been so long since I've fallen in love with a piece of clothing! But now it happened again, thank God! This beautiful shirt is from Persunmall, an amazing site to shop for fashionable clothes! We've talked about this site for so many times, but our perspective about it hasn't changed since. Honestly it's one of the few online stores that takes this business seriously, it happened so many times to me, that I've won or redeemed something, but without ever receiving the item! 
     About the shirt, I can really imagine wearing it with a pair of white trousers (the ones I just bought in H&M) or maybe a cute light pink skirt! Stay tuned for the outfit post!

Saci & Kinga

sâmbătă, 22 iunie 2013


{ H&M jeans,bag and top; Kitten heels; Meli Melo necklace; Mango cuff; C&A sunnies }

I am so tired , I just cannot tell you anything interesting. This outfit I wore last week when I met up with one of my good friends. Of course I had to change the shoes. Do you like it? :)

Tomorrow I'll have my last exam! Wish me luck!


miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Pastel colors!

 { Wearing everything from Orsay except shoes which are from Leonardo and necklace from Zara }

     This is an outfit dedicated to my favourite brand, Orsay! I feel a bit weird because now that we have H&M in our town, we kind of forgot about it, but oh boy, they still make the most perfect clothes! At least for me. I did some shopping a few weeks ago, and it was my first stop. A lot of people complain about the fact that it is too expensive, and it's true, these pants cost me 3x as much as my H&M similar pants, but the material is way better and I feel more comfortable in them. 
     BTW, I feel that clothes bought in  Romanian H&M's  have different material,  a lot of them are badly sewed, have a worse quality compared to the other H&M's in Europe. Am I right, or am I just overreacting?

Have an amazing day!

duminică, 16 iunie 2013

Facing the sun!

{ H&M shirt, DIY shorts, OVS bag, Zara heels, Raus necklace, H&M and Meli Melo bracelets, Orsay sunnies}

Hello! Long time no see! I have been really lazy and busy with my exams, so that's why I have been missing in action. My  last exam will be on the 20th after which I will be going to Electric Castle Festival, on the 21th!!! Can't wait , good music , amazing people and a really awesome time!
After a month of exams I really need this to blow out some steam! I am really looking forward to Fritz Kalkbrenner, Morcheeba and Feed me concerts! Hope to see you there!

Have a great day!

vineri, 14 iunie 2013

The High-Low Dress

{ H&M dress, sunnies and bag, Piazza Italia sandals, Necklace bought in Paris }

I was never the one to follow big trends, but when I found this dress I just couldn't resist the temptation. High-low dress.Check. Awkward. Check. White. Check. 
I am in full learning session, so I'll just leave you with these photos taken between two major exams. But in a week, or so, I'll be done, and vacation, here I come! :)

Good luck with your exams!

marți, 11 iunie 2013

Two years of blogging!

Two years ago on this day we wrote our first post! It's quite amazing how long ago it was and still feels so close. Since then so much has changed! Our styles and our personalities have changed, we have matured but still kept in our hears our childish ways. We have discovered our weaknesses and our strengths
We would like to thank every single one of you who has read our blog ! Also a big thanks for the feedbacks! 

Thanks for your support !
Kinga & Saci. 

sâmbătă, 8 iunie 2013

{ How to style black and brown }

     You know this song, right? I just thought of this when typing: rule no 1! Anyway, this outfit I wore for my first exam, last week. I was never fond of matching brown with black ( I am more likely to wear brown), at least not until I bought my first animal print top! It's the best item to incorporate in these kinds of outfits. If you have some doubts matching the two colors (if we call them colors), hope these very few simple tips help you combat this fashion myth.
     I will try to make more outfit posts like these, but now for two more weeks I am off to study for my exams. We love our blog, but we are first of all students, so our main priority is always studying, blogging is just a hobby, we do it because we love it, it's not a source of income and will never be!!! We want to accomplish our dreams by hard work and that sometimes means studying for six weeks in a row, without a break. (At least the weather sucks, it's not a temptation!)

Have an amazing weekend!

joi, 6 iunie 2013

Otthon készített csodamaszkok!

Ahogy a tavasz beköszönt, mindenki egyre jobban felfigyel a külső megjelenésre, ruháktól elkezdve egészen a bőr ápólásáig. A mai cikkem lényege hogyan készítsünk hatékony maszkokat a hűtőszekrényünk tartalmának felhasználásával, minden bőrtípusnak megfelelően.

     A bőrünk szépsége nemcsak a külső ápoláson múlik, hanem a vízfogyasztás és a táplálékbeviteltől is. Éppen ezért fontos, hogy vitaminokban és antioxidánsokban gazdag ételt fogyasszunk. Gondolom ezt sokszor hallotátok, de ez mit is jelent?
     Antioxidánsok szabadgyök megkötő tulajdonságaiknak köszönhetően, nem csak a rákmegelőzésben van nélkülözhetetlen szerepük, hanem mindenféle betegséget gyógyítanak, és fiatalon tartják a szervezetet. Következő vásárláskor tehát ne feledd ki a listáról az alábbi ’csodaszereket’: avokádó, zöld tea, kiwi, kakaó és gránátalma.
     A vízfogyasztás szokott a legtöbb gondot okozni, mivel naponta legalább 2 liter vizet kell inni. Legjobb megoldás erre, hogy próbalj magaddal hordani vizet, bárhova is mész és akárhányszor ránézel eszedbe jut és bele-bele kortyolgatsz. Ha úgy érzed eleged van a sima vízből, próbálj ki egy kellemes teát. Ajánlom a mentás zöldteát!
     A  nap károsító sugarai egy újabb veszély, ami a bőrrák kialakulásához vezethet és mégis rengeteg ember nem is használ védőkrémeket sőt a kritikus időben ülnek ki napozni (12től-4ig). Fontos olyan nappali krémet használni egész évben és nem csak nyáron aminek legalább 15-ös SPF(Sun Protection Factor)-je  legyen valamint kivédi az UV A és UV B sugarakat is.

Zsíros bőrre: Tojásfehérje és citromos maszk
Ez a maszk segít a zsírosság kezelésében, sokoldalú jótékony hatásai vannak, mint például: visszaadja a bőrnek a feszességet és csökkenti a fekete pontok számat. A tojásfehérje sok proteint tartalmaz és táplálja a bőrt valamint a citromlének tisztító hatása van.
Egy tojásfehérje elég lesz egy-két maszkhoz, ezért ajánlom neked és a barátnődnek. Ebbe facsard bele a citromot, keverd jól össze és tedd fel az arcodra .

Száraz bőrre: Avokadó és olivaolaj maszk
Az ilyen típusú bőr állapotát akár az időjárás váltakozások is ronthatják , éppen ezért a  maszk használata segithet ilyen helyzetben mert ez a maszk tisztítja és megpuhítja  a bőrt. Az avokadó olyan olajakat tartalmaz amelyek könnyen szivódnak be a bőrbe. Az olivaolajnak sok jó tuladonsága van, mint például E vitamint tartalmaz mely enyíti a kiszáradt és károsodott területeket.
Két kávéskanál olivaolajat tegyél egy kis edénybe és belátasod szerint adagoljál avokádót, jól keverd össze és tedd fel az arcodra .

Mixt bőrtipus: Méz és mandula maszk
Ilyen bőrtípus esetén a zsíros és száraz részeket egyszerre kell kezelni. A mandula hidratálja a bőrt és eltávolítja a száraz részeket, míg a méz kitisztitja a bőrt.
Mandulát roncsold össze és keverd össze mézzel. Tedd fel az arcodra, hagyd 15-20 percet hatni és hideg vagy lagyos vízzel mosd le. Ne felejtsd ezután bekenni az arcod a kedvenc krémeddel. Ha nagyon érzékeny bőröd van, mielőtt feltennéd az arcodra próbáld ki az alkarod belső részén, ha 5- 10 percen belül kipirosodik akkor ne használd!

Rengeteg bőrradírt probáltam ki mostanig, de ez a kedvencen és ezt hasznalom a legyakrabban, főleg nyáron mivel nemcsak az arcra hatékony hanem a celulitiszes zónákra vagy ahol a bör egyenetlenebb. Két variánsa van:
1.        Miután a finom kavé meglett a zaccot egy kis edenykébe rakjuk és két kanál mézet teszünk belé, ez elég lesz az arc, láb és a kéz puhítására is. Ezután még testápolót sem kell használjunk mivel bársonyossá varazsolja bőrünket.
2.        Méz helyett olivaolajat is lehet használni.

Remélem tetszett és hasznosnak találtatok ezt a kis cikket. Szívesen várom visszajelzéseteket és esetleg újabb maszk receptjét.

Szerző: Kávási Kinga-Enikő

duminică, 2 iunie 2013

Interview with Dora from Fashion Painted Dreams

     Do you remember our post from a few months ago when we introduced you to Mariann from Cashmere In Style? We decided to make more interviews with our fave bloggers, this time with Dora from Fashion Painted Dreams, she is a Romanian blogger based in Germany. Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to meet her in person, but there's always hope! Enjoy the interview!

1. When did your interest in fashion begin and what made you want to start a style blog?
2. Have you always had a spot in your heart for fashion? 

It's funny but I've actually had this huge passion for fashion and everything beautiful for as long as I can remember. I started to draw fashion sketches at an early age and loved to play dress-up with my friends in our mom's clothes. I've always believed that you need to try and do what you're passionate about, so starting a fashion blog just came naturally, as a great way to express my creative side.

3. Describe your style. Has it evolved since you began your blog? 

It definitely evolved! I like to mix and match a lot and try to incorporate new shapes and pieces into my wardrobe regularly. And even though I like to keep things pretty classic as it's timeless, I always try to give my outfits a modern twist by devoting more attention to the details. For example, I prefer pairing a plain or a printed basic tee to a classic pencil skirt, instead of a shirt. It's a lot more contemporary and refreshing.

4. What things or places inspire you?

 It varies a lot and I'm constantly seeking new delights to inspire me. It can be an old Hollywood movie, a mesmerizing runway collection or a chic girl I saw on the street. I also gather my inspiration from editorials, fashion portals or street style blogs.

5. Do you have any style icons?

I wouldn't exactly name them my personal style icons as I don't believe in such idioms, but I do admire Cate Blanchett's, Nicole Richie's, Marion Cottilard's or Emma Stone's fashion sense.

6. What spring/summer pieces or trends are you most excited to wear?
Emerald green! I simply love this precious color! A fancy maxi dress in this beautiful shade is on top of my summer wishlist.

7. Is there a store or designer that you feel best embodies your personal style? 
Frida Giannini, the creative director at Gucci! She's a queen of elegance and glamour, her designs being exquisite and luxurious yet wearable and unfussy. Her design philosophy seems to match my personality like a glove.

8. What five essentials should every girl have in her wardrobe? 

A black, sleek blazer; a pair of flattering dark wash jeans; a classic Leather jacket; nude stilettos; jersey tops in various colors.

9. Do you have a signature scent or shade of lipstick? 
Yes I do! Insolance by Guerlain is my all time favorite perfume and Chili by MAC is my signature lippy.

10. What websites and blogs do you read daily?

 Style.com, Vogue.uk, Harper's Bazaar, The Coveteur, Stockholm Streetstyle, The Sartorialist, Columbine Smille, Angelica Blick.

11. What are your favorite designers and where do you usually shop?

Oh, there are so many great designers that never cease to amaze me! But to name just a few right now, I would say Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Chloe, Jil Sander, Gucci, Ermanno Scervino, Derek Lam and Miu Miu.
As for the high street labels, I remain faithful to the old trusty Zara, H&M, Cos and Mango.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Kinga & Saci